Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spanish Cauliflower Rice

This is my version of traditional Spanish Rice with a twist, it's not rice!  It's actually cauliflower, and  it is so good, you won't believe you are eating cauliflower!

2 heads of cauliflower, just florets removed and pulsed in food processor till size of rice,  (save the stalks for making soup or broth later).
3 TBSP bacon grease
1 onion chopped
2 cloves of Garlic chopped
1/2 a small green pepper, chopped, (I was out so I subbed 1 mini red and 1 mini yellow pepper and it was great!)
1 (10 ounce) can Mexican Recipe Stewed tomatoes (I chopped my tomatoes smaller)
1 teaspoon Hot Mexican Style Chili Powder
1 tsp ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper

Heat your bacon grease in a heavy skillet, I always use my cast iron 10" pan.  Add the onion, peppers and garlic and saute for a few minutes till onions are soft.  

Then add your riced cauliflower and fry over high heat for a couple of minutes.  Stir in your canned Mexican tomatoes and continue to cook for a couple more minutes over high heat until the liquid has evaporated, stirring only occasionally.

And your done, serve it up and enjoy.  
A great quick, easy, tasty side dish. 
Try adding a protein to it for a complete meal.   It is a very forgiving recipe, so you could try adding some Jalapeno, cilantro, whatever sounds good to you.  I like it just like this, mildly spicy, if you want it more bland try substituting regular chili powder for the hot chili powder.  

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  1. Having grown up in Spain: Why did I not think of this?! It sounds like an awesome way to make a rice-free paella!

    Seafood paella, here I come! :)

  2. Glad to hear this recipe is inspiring others to be creative, Paleo eating can be so much fun!

  3. How many people does this serve? Thank you.