Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lunch or Dinner suggestion

Vegetable Chicken Soup

I never follow a recipe for chicken soup, so every time it is different, but every time I hear, Mmmmm, this is good.  It is one of those wonderful recipes that you just can't go wrong with, if you start with a good Stock.  I suggest you make your own, it's really easy especially if you do it ahead on the weekend.  My suggestion would be to make up a large pot of stock, refrigerate it over night so the fat will harden.  Remove the next day, skim off the fat and freeze in serving size portions.  
I used the Stock Recipe from Jen's Gone Paleo , but substituted my meaty turkey carcass from Thanksgiving.  Then today I pulled out the stock, skimmed off the fat and boiled some organic chicken thighs and breasts in it, removed them and cut them up for the soup.  Threw in my veggies, added a few more spices (basil, some more dill, and bay leaves) and 20 minutes later we had yummy soup!  I put  a little of everything in there today, yellow and red onion, 2 garlic cloves, diced parsnips, chopped carrots, snow peas, celery, spinach (chopped up small), jalapeno, broccoli, zucchini, white sweet potato, some leftover cherry tomatos and if I had some green beans those would've gone in too.  Get creative and just use whatever you have in your fridge, it's a great meal on a cold wet night,  

 Make a big pot, bigger than you need so you have leftovers for lunches or another dinner. 

I just noticed that CrossFit Santa Cruz Central has a recipe for Chicken Not-So-Noodle Soup posted today, here is another option if you need an actual recipe: CrossFit Santa Cruz Central
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  1. This looks so yummy! I just pickes a chicken carcass for this very occasion!YUM!!!!!!!