Monday, February 7, 2011

Budget Paleo

I've been doing some thinking, and decided it's time to go back to the foundation. Originally this blog was Budget Paleo, and I've been thinking after hearing several monthly spending stories, like spending double what you would expect.  I think it's time to spend a month or two on the budget end of things.  So..I will be posting things that  find on sale for that particular week.  I have been doing my shopping weekly, but lately have been forced to do a second smaller trip mid week.  My goal is, whatever I find that saves us money, and keeps us on track with Paleo will be helpful to the rest of our Box Members.  Don't forget to check for great deals on food items too, shipping is free on most items so that saves too.  I order, my coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, etc. online.  Everything else comes from our local stores.  You would be surprised what you can find where, take for instance, last week I found Organic Raspberry Applesauce in jars at the Grocery outlet for $1.69 per bottle.  And Dark Lindt chocolate (without soy lecithin) for about the same price, and it had very minimal added sugar (4 grams). 
Tomorrow is my shopping day, so look for an update, Wednesday or Thursday.  If any of you find good deals please pass it along by commenting on a post.  I think we can all eat well and not go broke doing it!  We have plans to start a garden this spring and grow our own vegetables, the kids are really looking forward to it, and fresh homegrown veggies sound great!
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