Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Thoughts

I've been doing some thinking this past week about eating "off the Paleo Farm" and both it's immediate and long term effects, mentally and physically.  For me I generally do not go off the farm.  I may have a weekly treat such as Paleo Brownies and Coconut Ice Cream, or dark chocolate dipped in fresh ground almond butter.  Which for me provides those
little treats needed to keep life fun.  And hey, sometimes a girl just needs some Chocolate!
But...on our trip I wasn't as careful and for the first time in probably 7 months I ate "off the farm" in some form almost everyday.  Even then it wasn't what many would even consider a "cheat", goat cheese or blue cheese on my salad and vinaigrette dressing that probably had some sugar and other less than desirable ingredients in it, and grain fed beef instead of grass fed.  And off course the real dairy ice cream I ate two nights in a row (had to finish off that pint of Haagen daz, dulce de leche!). At the time I didn't notice any huge adverse effects other than some digestive issues and congestion.  Over the past week it has been much more of a struggle to stick to Paleo and make good choices in my eating.  
At my Level 1 Cert Class, they were suggesting a weekly "cheat" day, where you allow yourself to have the dairy ice cream, pizza, beer, brownies, etc.  Almost a though it were necessary, but I am here to say DON'T DO IT!  Don't sabotage yourself, if you feel the "need" to "cheat" (I really don't like that word and the connotations it gives), make a better choice.  I think having a "treat" day is more appropriate and by all means treat yourself, "cheat" by eating a "Paleo" treat.  Have some coconut or macadamia ice cream, make some Paleo Chocolate Pudding, or Paleo Brownies, have a Nor-Cal Margarita or two.  By making better choices on your treats, you will be giving yourself a huge advantage both mentally and physically.  You don't want your body craving crap or living all week for that "free day", "Cheat day" or even"Treat day".  Come on folks, is that any way to live?  When I stick to Paleo and allow myself to enjoy an occasional Paleo treat it's easy.  In fact for me it's been really, really, easy to say no when offered something outside the Paleo guidelines (until now).  Because I know it'll make me feel bad for days and I now know it'll make eating Paleo a struggle instead of a joy.
So...go ahead treat yourself, have some fudge babies, paleo brownies, coconut ice cream, etc., but please do yourself a favor and pick paleo friendly alternatives.
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  1. I'm Lacto-Paleo and I'm not surprised you didn't have many adverse effects on your cheat week! It's quite like my own diet, but higher in sugar and with a bit more dairy (once or twice a day I have something dairy-based, and it's usually a splash of milk or a similarly small portion). Yes, eating it long-term could have adverse effects, but eating like that for even a year (maybe with reduced sugar!) will probably not cause irreversible harm. So: not the best, by all means, but it's what you gotta eat as a Lacto-Paleo student with no cash!

    Anyhow, I usually stick quite rigidly to my diet and am in the process of clearing out the last of my sugary stuff, so as to avoid temptation. (Or accidents, for that matter! I almost added jelly to my cheesecake to thicken it! *facepalm* Didn't WANT it, wasn't even THINKING! :p)
    Most of my stuff sticks to the pattern on my blog, with the odd coffee, apple or yoghurt as a snack meal and leftovers when I make too much food. Last time I "cheated" properly it was full-sugar ice-cream. Don't remember feeling so ill in all my life! Obviously the gut-flora and -fauna has adapted already.

  2. Thank you for sharing Alice, I just discovered your comment. I understand being a student and short on cash can cause us to have to make some concessions for sure. Good luck in your journey and with your blog. If you don't mind my asking, what is the name of your blog? Would you like to share it here?