Saturday, December 7, 2013

If you noticed some changes…

It's because I just went through and purged a bunch of old posts including all the old weekly deal posts. And in the process found a couple of old drafts that I decided to publish.  This is still really just a ghost site but I do try to check in on it every few months.  I'm still battling Chronic Lyme disease and the last 2 months have been extremely rough for me, I'm thankful to currently be on the mend and starting to regain some strength.    God bless. Pin It


  1. Sheilla- I was just looking up some meal ideas and came across your site- looking forward to making some great dinners. I am sad to hear you have Lyme. I have a great friend that is battling Lyme and hers was not caught early. She is a mom of 5 - some adopted- and her and her husband were in full time ministry with Cru. 3 of her children also have symptoms, but not as extensive. All that to say, I am so sorry that you have it and I wish you the best as you detox and try to heal your body.

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