Saturday, December 7, 2013

Time for a workout!

I'm so excited that my home gym is set up now!  I'm so happy and feel so blessed, my husband has worked so hard for me to be able to have that space to work out.  With how busy and hectic my shedule is and having a little guy home in the mornings, realistically the only way I am ever going to get a workout in is at home.  This week I did some front, back squats, deadlifts ( one of my favorites), rowed, did some sit-ups and some stretching/mobility.  I was really wiped out at the begginging of the week with a flare up of my Lyme Disease and Bartonella, so I wasn't real active till later in the week.  Last week I did 2 workouts also, and one thing I'm finding as I ease back into it is the coach in me starts coming out.  It makes me want to write a post of pre and post workout nutrition, recovery, hydration etc., all of them are so important.  We put so much time, money and energy into eating right, why not take it a step further and be sure when we exercise we are taking the best care of ourselves also.  Be sure to remember to eat a small amount of protein post workout (within 15-20 minutes is best), it will aide in your recovery and help replenish your body.  It's so simple but quite often is forgotten or not made a priority, maybe sometime I'll do a post on the benefits.  I am also finding that although I'm fatigued and have been having pain and numbness in my hands this week, that working out helps, at least mentally.  And I believe that in strenthening my body it will be stronger more able to win the fight against Lyme disease and Bartonella.    My goal is to be able to go backpacking in the Trinity Alps again this summer with my husband. And to look great for my oldest son's wedding in June!
My new home gym, complete with rubber mats, thanks to my husband!

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  1. I am the same way - it seems the only way I can get a good workout in is to squeeze one in at home. We are trying to build up our own home gym as well. Where did you get your rubber mats? Love your blog!

  2. Thank you Chris, the rubber mats are horse mats which we got from a local feed store. They work great and are what many of the CrossFit boxes use.

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