Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dinner doesn't always have to be complicated!

Look good?  
It  tasted good, and was super quick and easy to throw together! 
Some nights are like that, a kind of whatever you have around or whatever you can grab night.  I had 1 precooked chicken breast (cooked in salt and pepper), so I chopped it up, threw some Herdez Salsa Verde on there microwaved it for a few minutes, while stir frying my frozen veggies.  For the veggies, threw some coconut oil in the pan, threw in a bag of frozen stir fry mix, stir fried for a few minutes, added some seasoning, pepper and some Coconut Aminos and called it good, then mixed the two together and ate! 
It was so yummy and it only took a matter of minutes to make a healthy meal.  Be creative with what you have around, you don't always need a recipe to have a delicious dinner. 
In fact some of my "creations" have been the biggest successes!
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