Monday, August 15, 2011

"Carbs" and Paleo

A few months back I was noticing quite a trend among the Paleo crowd to reduce the intake of carbs to nearly nothing.  Existing mainly on protein and fat, I myself fell into that a few months back and let me tell you it's slippery road.  At first I felt great, lot's of energy, hitting PR's, workouts felt strong, etc.  But then it hit and hit hard, first thing I started noticing was that I would get worn out really easy, then I noticed that my hair was falling out, like a lot.  Just running my fingers through my hair would net me a handful of hair, I have since read on different blogs about other people having the same problem.  However, their remedy was to stick with it and try to remedy it with herbs and vitamins.  I ask you this, if what you are eating (or not eating) is putting that much stress on your body, and your hair starts falling out wouldn't you want to change it?  Several of them even commented that if they upped their carb intake it remedied the hair loss, but they weren't willing to do that, losing weight was more important, or whatever other reasons they had for doing it.  Having experienced this myself, I caution everyone to be careful, do not limit the very thing that provides you with  a variety of nutrients and energy. You need veggies, especially your greens!    I am here testify that in the long run it messed me up, my workouts suffered and it affected my family because I was so tired, oh and not to mention the hair loss thing, being bald isn't exactly attractive on women!   Any temporary gain is not worth the longer term consequences of eating a low Carb  Paleo diet. Most of us need a LITTLE PROTEIN, maybe SOME FAT and the MAJORITY of the plate filled with "CARBS" (vegetables and maybe some fruit).  And I might even be so bold as to say "eat some fruit!", it's summer lot's of varieties are in season, so enjoy (in moderation of course and only if your trainer has okayed it for you:-).  It's easy to get lazy with the veggies but they are a very necessary component to your diet, don't leave them out!  
Happy eating!

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  1. I agree, Sheilla. Carbs are kind of important, especially if you are CrossFitting.

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