Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Spring and Time For a Fresh New Start...Focusing on Health and Recovery

As I start getting back into working out after my car accident (about 6 weeks ago), my focus and motto have been "Take it Slow".  It has been my history previously to jump right back in and rush things.  I'm very competitive by nature and have a hard time restraining myself when it comes to working out.  So my plan of action is to listen to my body and leave plenty of recovery time in between my workouts.  Recovery and sleep are so important to success!
  1. My first priority or focus for week one (starting April 1st ) is Nutrition.  I will be going back to the foundation of Paleo and hitting reset.  I will be doing a Whole 30 by Whole9 Life, I would love to have you join me.  The more the merrier, it's great to have support when you are doing something like this.
  2. Week #2, I plan to implement my protocols from doing my Biosignature Modulation (Sept-November).  I will focus on being faithful with what I was given through that program, supplements, eating breakfast within one hour of rising, Epsom salt baths, stretching/yoga, etc.
  3. Earthing, hopefully by the 3rd week in April I will have my Earthing pad (if not earlier).  I am really looking forward to receiving it's benefits and writing about it.
  4. My plan is to do 1-2 days of full  CrossFit, depending on how I am feeling, with 2 days of running a week.  Recovery and listening to my body are going to be key. Again, I will be reminding myself, "take it slow!"
I am really excited to see how my month unfolds and what happens with my energy levels. I hope you will join me in this and Spring into Health!

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