Friday, April 6, 2012

My first week of Whole 30 and Easter Eggs...

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, I have had a lot on my mind and on my plate for the past few weeks and the blog had to take a backseat.  There are so many things I think about and want to get on here, if only I had more time!

 I started my Whole 30 on Monday, April 2 and am nearing the end of week 1.  It's still not to late to join in, just follow the badge on the sidebar for the Whole 30, get the specifics and you can join in.  I thought I would share how things are going for me so far.  I sort of alluded to it, but I have been under a tremendous amount of stress the past few weeks and have really been struggling with my adrenal fatigue as a result.  So exhaustion is my daily battle right now, and I don't know about you but when I get tired let alone exhausted I just don't care about pretty much anything and would love to eat like crap!  I'm so tired and cranky I really don't care!  But that's where this Whole 30 comes in, it is a great way to train myself (or train my soul) that just because it doesn't feel well and really wants to be lazy or be comforted with some dark chocolate or other treat, I can say NO!  Teaching myself not to turn to those food items in the long run will probably be a good thing.  I knew I was eating a lot of dark chocolate lately but I don't think I really had any idea just how much, or at night I am finding I just want to snack on something sweet or salty.  And that's just what it is, an extreme urge to snack or munch, banana chips are sounding really good to me and usually I could take them or leave them.  It's really not that difficult to do a Whole 30,  it's just been interesting  to see things through a different light.  Well...maybe I should take that back today when I was looking for plastic eggs for the kids Easter party  I was very tempted by all that Easter Candy!  And when the kids ate their weekly popcorn with their movie night last night, I found myself longing for a bowl of buttery popcorn.  But generally it's pretty smooth sailing, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to help my body recover from the stress and maybe break some unhealthy eating habits that had crept back in. 
On a different note, we have a department Easter Party for my husbands Fire Department tomorrow and the thought of all those kids (not to mention my kids) receiving and eating all that candy, makes me crazy, so...I bought Organic fruit snacks with no corn syrup to stuff my 2 dozen plastic eggs with (not Paleo, but a better choice). My other idea was to put money in them (like quarters, etc.), but I was worried about the choking risk of the younger ones and thought better of it.  But if you are doing an Easter Egg hunt with some older kids, money would be fun treat, we also thought of using the little tiny mini boxes of raisins.  
Hummmm...I wonder if my kids can trade away all the corn syrup ridden candy they find tomorrow?  I think we may steal the idea someone gave to us from Halloween, they bought all their child's candy from them.  Or maybe exchange  the candy for an item the kids have really been wanting.  Or maybe trade it in for some other more healthy treats, most of the fun is in hunting the eggs and being with friends anyway.  I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend and the joy that comes from celebrating our Risen Savior!  Happy Easter!

While not Paleo sometimes we have to make concessions and I felt this was a better choice than candy.

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  1. Thanks for the coconut oil :D

  2. You are welcome Kathy! Hope you are enjoying it!