Friday, November 26, 2010

Grassfed Ground Beef

I know this isn't new to Meredith and may not be to others, but I had a misconception that the grass fed beef was to expensive for my budget.  That however is wrong!  Grass Fed beef can be purchased at Eureka Natural Foods and/or The Co-op for a better than reasonable price! 

I have been buying regular ground beef from Costco for around $2.49 a pound, and $2.29 a pound if I bought a 10 pound tube from the butcher.  

The good news can buy LOCAL GRASS FED Ground beef from the Natural food store for the following prices:

80% = $2.29 per pound
90%= $4.99 per pound

The Co-op also carries grass fed ground beef, and if you buy the 80% in a quantity of 10 pounds it is $2.49 per pound.

It supports local farmers and you get a great product!  Who would've thought you could buy grass fed ground beef for less than the price of non grass fed (the stuff fed who knows what and pumped full of antibiotics). In fact when I was talking to the guy on the phone he said it's a crazy cheap price, probably cheaper than most places in the US.

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