Sunday, February 13, 2011


3 very large ripe avocados- peeled, pitted and mashed (I found a bag of 5 on sale at Costco this week for $3.99)
juice of 1 lime
1/2-3/4 tsp sea salt (to taste)
1/4 cup  diced red onion (or 1/2 of a small red onion, diced)
3 packed tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro
2 Roma/plum tomatoes, diced (or I used one large tomato, because I was out of Romas)
1 garlic clove minced (about 1 tsp)
1 pinch of cayenne (or leave this out if you don't want your guacamole to have some kick)

In a medium size bowl combine you avocados, lime juice and salt.  Then mix in the onion, cilantro,tomatoes, minced garlic, and cayenne.  Add the pits back to the guacamole to keep from browning, cover tightly and refrigerate for about an hour to let the flavors mingle.  Remove from the refrigerator and serve!  

This was so delicious and totally hit the spot!
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