Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am just getting started with this Paleo Blog so please be patient, I will be adding things as I can.  Hopefully this can be an encouragement to someone out there.   

 I just ate the yummiest salad for lunch, lettuce topped with ham cubes, sun-dried tomatoes (probably not Paleo, but they were yummy, and the kind that are dry, not packed in oil), sunflower seeds, and some fresh broccoli slaw (the kind without sauce on it), and chopped celery, mmmmm....it was sooo good!!  I find I am going back to my roots, I never used to use salad dressing until about 7 -8 years ago and am finding I like my salad without dressing.  Finished it all of with 3 Chocolate Balls from Scott Hagnas Recipe for my fat.  Delicious! Pin It

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