Friday, October 29, 2010

My Thoughts--What not to do

So last night was the night before my weekly grocery shopping and I tried making a meal with what I had.  Which isn't a bad idea, however I had to many things going on and nothing ended up done right as a result.  I had a Pork Roast in the oven, which tasted really good once it was done.  I think I need to get a meat thermometer.  I was trying to cook 3 small Roasts in one pan so we would have leftovers, but it backfired on me because it wasn't done on time.  We cut into and found it was still raw!  So back to the oven it went, leaving everyone hungry and feeling teased as we were all sitting prepared to eat.  The only thing done was some broccoli slaw.  The artichokes I had cooked weren't done when they were supposed to be either, so.....back to the pot they went too.   Then there was the mixture of squash and apples....yep....not done either.   We ended up eating in stages.  The pork roast and squash were so yummy!  I have never cooked squash nor artichokes before my Paleo days, so this is an exciting learning experience.  The kids didn't know how to eat them, but quickly fell in love with the artichokes, my 6 year old probably ate a whole one herself! It's really fun seeing the kids fall in love with new tastes and vegetables!  Whoever said kids don't like veggies is wrong!  If you allow them to eat real food with out the sugar and all the other stuff they actually taste and enjoy healthy foods.  Mine still wrinkle their noses every night when they see or hear about what we are having and say "can't we have Pizza".  But as soon as they eat it they love it, last night was such a joy watching them so excited and joyful about their dinner! Pin It

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